What’s my name?

Meet Manuel!

In June 2016, we proudly took a World Luxury Restaurant Award for Luxury Seafood Restaurant in Pontresina, Switzerland.

We have a very heavy and very attractive award residing with us in Howth, we figured the little guy deserved a name, so we asked you, our customers and friends to help us out

This is what you came up with!

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Suggestions received!

  • Cyril  (for no other reason than it sounds cool)!
  • Aquaella
  • Lord Lobster
  • Quite a catch
  • The Mighty Mariner
  • The Titan of the Tides!
  • Titanic
  • Sergeant of the Seas
  • The Hulk of Howth
  • Father of the Fish
  • Seymour after Seymour Cresswell who was privileged to name the RNLI Howth lifeboat after his aunt Aideen Cresswell who funded it (See Dublin people
  • http://www.dublinpeople.com/news/northsideeast/articles/2016/10/13/4128011-howth-rnli-names-its-newest-lifeboat/).
  • Nauticus
  • Mick
  • Charlie
  • Boss
  • Goldie
  • Bond
  • Horse
  • Jeeves
  • Norseman
  • Neptune
  • 'Poseidon' - Greek God of the Sea :-)
  • Statto
  • Mizuko - meaning water child!.
  • "Triton" ... son of Poseidon (God of the sea)
  • Bertie
  • Aquarius
  • ROCAS ...anagram of Oscar and heavy like a rock ;-)
  • Shiny Shimmy
  • O'Malley
  • Shiny Sailor of the Seas
  • Caspian
  • Cyan
  • The Aqua Marine
  • Manwell
  • 'The Bod'
  • Goldie Prawn!
  • The All Mighty Mariner
  • The Mighty Marine
  • OCEANUS award
  • "NEREUS" geek god of the sea, and the god of the sea's rich bounty of fish.
  • Manuel  - The Chosen Winner
  • Steve Zissou
  • Luxsr award(Luxury Seafood Restaurant)
  • Golden Ray
  • Aloysius Quentin Ulysses Ahern....obviously!
  • Aqua Server
  • Wild Oscar
  • Oscar goes Wild
  • Oscar
  • Oisin
  • Splash
  • Manannán mac Lir - God of the Sea
  • Herr ring
  • The room with a view award
  • Bestie - simple, award is for being the best!
  • Voila
  • Cip
  • Aquila
  • Lir
  • Aquaman
  • A Fisherman`s Oscar
  • Sylvie
  • Mr. Sea
  • John Oscar Dory!
  • Pullikeadog
  • Ben of Howth
  • Binn Éadair
  • John Dorey
  • Sir Aquanaut
  • The Knight of Irelands Eye
  • The Aquademy Award
  • Davy Jones
  • Carrie
  • The Da Vinci Cod.
  • Captain
  • Freddie
  • Prince
  • Earwyn "Friend of the sea"
  • Mesi -meaning "Water"
  • Sebastian Seafood
  • Ultramarine
  • Oliver. Because your food is so good we want some more
  • Aqualicious
  • Monty from Ponty. Hopefully he'll be joined by Hanoi Harry!
  • Golden Fin Award
  • The Healy
  • Pino GriJoe Pesci
  • Skipper
  • Ulysses
  • Eadar as in Eadars Peak, which is the English for Binn Eadair. Tourists would love the history behind the name
Image 1
Image 2

Pretty impressive we think!

Manuel in honour of the late Andrew Sacks of Fawlty Towers fame, clip here to remind of you the great man!

Thank you to Phil & Beno Newport who chose the winning name, we were delighted to send them a €150 dining voucher for christening our award!

This year, we will be hoping to win again, the awards take place in Hanoi, Vietnam, very exciting indeed.

Wish us luck!

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