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Aqua Brand Revision

In March of 2013, we sat down as a team and reviewed everything that Aqua stood for in the market place and whether our brand identity was reflecting the message we had to bring to the public.

A decision was taken that our logo, was a little outdated and our website needed an overhaul.

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Aqua Relaunch

In January of this year with a newly refurbished restaurant and bar we also released a brand new responsive website.

We have had superb feedback from regular guests and new visitors, so very pleased that our investment and effort has paid off.

We are also thrilled now to be named amongst the 25 Inspiring Mobile and Responsive Design Websites of 2014 by Blue Fountain Media.

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The comments on our responsive site...

"Aqua Restaurant's new responsive website does a good job of creating a consistent, optimized responsive website for the brand across all devices. The site shows a clear understanding of the fact that the site should be about the ocean and fishing industries in order to make the website engaging for viewers as opposed to concentrating on the restaurant's food. While there are images of the restaurant so that guests know what they can expect - the idea of coupling the location and where the food comes from is an extremely interesting and visually engaging way to create an effective restaurant website".

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