Dublin Tourism on the up!

Dublin could double tourism revenue to €2.5bn by 2020

A report has been developed by the Grow Dublin Taskforce, a tourism group representing Dublin tourism and business interests.

While emphasising that tourism is important to Dublin in terms of revenue and jobs, the report finds that the capital is underperforming and has slipped behind its main city competitors in Europe.

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The new plan for tourism in Dublin envisages a best case scenario where:

  •   Visitor numbers could grow by 7% a year
  •   Visitor spending increase by 8.6% a year
  •   Spending by international visitors would almost double to just under €2.5bn by 2020


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All good news for Dublin and for Howth too, we look forward to the plans afoot, let us know your thoughts on this and to read more visit http://www.failteireland.ie/FailteIreland/media/WebsiteStructure/Documents/eZine/Destination-Dublin-Report-Presentation_FINAL.pdf

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