Blessing of the boats, Howth

Saturday, 4th & Sunday, 5th June 2016. - Blessing of the Boats in Howth

The blessing of the fleet is a time honoured tradition that goes back many centuries into the murky sea of legend and tradition.  ome legends have the origins going back to early Greek fishermen.

One story has it that the tradition of asking clergy to bless boats and their crews began in Sicily after some fishermen were saved from certain death in a storm. According to the legend, they had lost their way in a thick fog when they suddenly saw a glimmering light in the distance. Following the light, they were able to make their way back to shore. There, they discovered that the light came from a medallion of the Madonna del Lume (Mother of Light) set in a grotto high on a cliff.

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Whatever the origin, many fishing and boating communities throughout the world have been blessing their fleets for centuries.  We are no different in Howth and so this coming June the tradition remains strong. we would like to extend an invitation for visitors to Howth this weekend.

Blessing of the Boats

Fishing Harbour Howth

4th & 5th June 2016


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Running Schedule to be confirmed but will most likely include elements from last year such as:

  • Welcome of the fleet
  • Net Mending Competition
  • Sea Shanties at Monument
  • Howth Singing Circle & Friends
  • Religious Service at Monument
  • Ecumenical service at Monument to Lives lost at Sea followed by clergy boarding a vessel to conduct the blessing of the fleet!
  • Howth Food Village


Prizes for best Dressed boats

(Trawler, yacht, motor boat, etc.)



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